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    Derrick Washington
            Derrick       Washington
    B/M age 22 6’0” 135
    wearing a black
    tall t-shirt, dark
    blue jeans,
    possibly a blue
    NY hat, and
    black jordans. 


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Deputy Chief Williams Deputy Chief Irene Williams commands the Support Services Bureau.

The Support Services Bureau includes the Birmingham City Jail Detention Facility, Communications, Records Division, Data Entry, Property Room, Photo Lab, Crime Scene Unit and Firearms & Tool Mark Units.

The Birmingham Detention Division’s mission is to provide an enhanced level of service to the citizens of the Birmingham area by housing inmates through the establishment of a safe, secure facility; while maintaining humane custody, confinement and supervision.

The Communications Emergency Center receives and dispatches calls from citizens and self-initiated calls from officers in the field.

The Emergency Call Center also processes false alarms, radio transmissions and makes emergency notifications during weather related incidents and emergencies.

The Records Unit duties includes picking up and sorting incoming reports from Data Entry, scanning and indexing all reports into the database and pulling and processing FBI/NCIC record checks request.  The Unit processes record checks for Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Data Entry Unit is comprised of 13 highly trained Administrative Clerks, along with a Data Control Clerk and 3 Data Entry Supervisors ensure all incident, offense, supplement and intelligence reports are entered in a timely and accurate manner.

The Property Room includes the Property Room and the Property Desk. The primary responsibility of the Property Room is to warehouse property which includes arrest evidence, investigative evidence, found property and safekeeping property.

The Photo Lab’s primary functions is to provide a central location for all departmental film negatives and digital photography evidence, provide state of the art processing for print evidence and maintain photography evidence files for all processed prints.

The Forensic Identification Section duties includes processing fingerprint cards taken of arrested individuals using AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) for computer comparison or Henry Classification System using visual comparison. We process latent prints taken from crime scenes using AFIS (State Database), AFIX Tracker (Identification Database (palm prints we manually scan)), and/or visual comparison.

The Crime Scene Unit’s mission is to complement the Department’s other divisions and units. To accomplish this mission, a structured approach of identifying, collecting, preserving and documenting all evidence as it relates to departmental investigations is utilized.

The Firearm & Tool Mark Unit examines and analyzes physical evidence related to crimes and incidents involving firearms to make available relevant findings to investigative entities and the courts.