Community Policing Revitalization

Community Policing and Revitalization
600 Red Lane Road
Birmingham, Al 35215
Office: 205-297-8016
Fax: 205-836-3597

The purpose of CPR is to reduce violent and drug-related crime in designated high-crime communities throughout the city of Birmingham.  A comprehensive approach is used to reduce and prevent crime and improve residents' overall quality of life. As a result, law-abiding citizens are able to live, work and raise their families in a safer, more prosperous environment.
The primary objectives at each CPR site are to:

    1. Develop a comprehensive community-based strategy to control and prevent violent crime, gang activity, drug trafficking and drug-related crime.
    2. Coordinate existing, new government and private-sector initiatives, criminal justice efforts and human services and concentrate those resources in designated neighborhoods to maximize their impact.
    3. Mobilize community residents to assist law enforcement in identifying and removing violent offenders and drug traffickers from their neighborhoods. Assist human service agencies in identifying and responding to social service needs, and participate more fully in community planning and decision making processes.
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