Legal Department

Thomas Bentley , Acting City Attorney
Legal Department
6th Floor
710 North 20th Street
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
Legal Books

The Legal Department is headed by City Attorney, Thomas Bentley. The mission in Legal is to provide expert legal advice, counsel, opinions and representation to the Mayor, City Council members, City officials and departments.

The Legal Department's functions include:

  • Litigation- The department represents the City and, often, its employees in lawsuits filed against or on behalf of the City.
  • Claims against the City - The claim section investigates and processes claims against the City.
  • Collections- The department collects funds for injury or damage to City personnel, property and equipment.
  • Legal opinions- The department provides opinions on points of law, interpretation and applicability of federal, state, and local laws, statutes, ordinances and resolutions. It also drafts City ordinances and resolutions.
  • Administrative Law- The Department represents and provides legal services for various departments in matters involving administrative and personnel matters.
  • City Prosecutors- The Department provides attorneys for prosecution of City Code and state law violations in the City Municipal Court and in appeals from decisions of that court.
  • Contracts and Real Estate - Attorneys from the Law Department provide legal services for the City in the preparation and review of all types of contracts involving the City and represent the City in real estate transactions.