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Available Services

Marketing/Recruitment Program
OED directs this program, which is a cooperative effort among the City of Birmingham, the Birmingham Business Alliance and REV New Birmingham, to market vacant buildings and sites in the City of Birmingham. The program consists of coordinated permitting and inspection procedures, a database of available buildings and sites, and specially designed business incentives. For more information contact: Janice James Douthard at (205) 254-2273, Irenio Johnson, Jr, at (205)714-8668 or Griffin Lassiter at (205) 254-3007.
Business Retention Program
OED works proactively to better understand business concerns and attitudes. The City of Birmingham generates most of its new jobs and tax base from companies which already exist in our community. This program is conducted in cooperation with the Birmingham Business Alliance and REV Birmingham. For more information contact Andrew Mayo at (205) 254-2774.
Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program
OED administers Birmingham's designated State Enterprise Zone, which is comprised of 10,000 acres of largely industrial area. Eligible new or expanding businesses located in the zone may qualify for tax credits or exemptions. For more information contact Andrew Mayo at (205) 254-2774.
Financial Services
OED offers a number of state and federal economic development financing programs including the following: SBA 504, SBA 7(a), SBA LowDoc and MicroLoans, CDBG Float Loans, EDA Revolving Loans and industrial revenue bond financing. For more information contact  Lisa Cooper at (205) 254-2657.
Foreign Trade Zone No. 98
OED operates a 116-acre General Purpose Zone located at the Birmingham International Airport and special purpose Manufacturing Sub Zones serving NAACO Industries and Mercedes-Benz USA. For more information contact Andrew Mayo at (205) 254-2774.
Merchants Association
OED staff serves as liaison to Merchants Associations to assist with various projects and promotional activities. The office works closely with REV Birmingham to revitalize the commercial areas throughout the city. For more information contact  Andrew Mayo at (205) 254-2774.
Industrial Parks Program
OED provides industrial park sites to new and expanding businesses. The City currently has sites available in four City-owned parks located within the City of Birmingham. OED  is responsible for marketing the City's industrial parks. For more information contact Janice James Douthard at (205) 254-2273.
Sister City  Commission
The City of Birmingham began its Sister City Commission on April 23, 1982, when we established a Sister City relationship with Hitachi, Japan. The program is affiliated with Sister Cities International. The commission has as its purpose and goal to cultivate economic, social and cultural cooperation between the people of Birmingham and the people of selected cities around the world. Sister Cities is a people-to-people exchange program designed to enrich the cultural, educational, social and economic life of communities around the world. We have an active program and group of volunteers. We are always looking for people with an interest in working on our relationships. We serve the greater Birmingham Community. For more information contact Scotty Colson at (205)254-2317.
International  Protocol
The Office of Economic Development handles a wide range of protocol issues for the Mayor and City Council including scheduling events, planning itineraries and providing background and briefing materials. Protocol events are important to the City of Birmingham because they garner goodwill among the community and bring added  emphasis to international  relations and development. For more information contact Scotty Colson at (205)254-2317.




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