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    Derrick Washington
            Derrick       Washington
    B/M age 22 6’0” 135
    wearing a black
    tall t-shirt, dark
    blue jeans,
    possibly a blue
    NY hat, and
    black jordans. 


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Deputy Chief McCaskey
Deputy Chief Jamal McCaskey commands the Administrative Operations Bureau.

The Administrative Operations Bureau is comprised of a Deputy Chief, one Administrative Captain and the Administrative Services Division, which consists of the Technology & Research Unit & Crime Analysis, the Training Section, Budget Unit, Grants Manager, and the Inspections Division.  The Accreditation Division, which includes both Personnel/Payroll and the Hiring Units, are under Administrative Operations as well.

The Technology & Research Unit is tasked with keeping the Birmingham Police Department abreast of the latest technology which assists our

efforts to fight crime. The Unit does this by providing planning, research and evaluation of new methods, procedures and developments in law enforcement. This unit provides systems support and security to critical law enforcement data via the Alabama Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS) liaison as well as overall crime analysis derived from local data.

The Training Section is comprised of the Birmingham Police Academy, the Police Firing Range, and the Career Development Unit. The Birmingham Police Academy provides an intensive training program for both departmental law enforcement personnel and new recruits. The Citizens Police Academy is one of those programs designed to teach citizens the role of a police officer and to foster better communication between citizens and police through education.

The Firing Range has five Firearm Instructors who provide training to officers in utilizing standard issue firearms, shotguns and rifles as well as simulated real-time events via a Firearms Training Simulator (FATS).

The Budget Unit manages and oversees the Department’s overall budget and financial records. This requires that the Unit authorize, manage and process all Departmental requests for the purchase of goods and services.

The Grants Office is responsible for identifying, obtaining and administering alternative sources of funding for new equipment, technology, community and school-based programs. Funds from these programs support a broad range of activities that prevent and control crimes and also enable the department to obtain equipment, up-to-date technology, and many other essential tools. 

The Inspection Unit is comprised of Police Distribution, Taxi Cab Licensing Fleet Management, the Information Desk, and Building Maintenance. The Inspections Unit receives, manages, controls, and issues all Departmental equipment, vehicles, uniforms, weapons, radios and physical facilities. 

The Administrative Services Division is responsible for overseeing and administering the Department’s Accreditation Standards and Procedures.  In March 2013, the Department received its eighth Re-accreditation Award from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) National Conference in Columbus, Ohio.  The Administrative Services Division is also responsible for overseeing the Recruiting/Hiring Unit.    In addition this unit oversees Personnel/Payroll, who process and maintain the Police Department personnel files, payroll and attendance records that include holiday, vacation, sick, and overtime pay.